Tuesday, 25 October 2016

National Black Cat Day - Beauty is more than fur deep

Well it's come round again! National Black Cat day on 27th October aims to raise awareness of the high proportion of black and black-and-white cats that are often overlooked in rescue centres. 

International Cat Care's campaign picture

 According to Cats Protection statistics black and black-and-white cats take, on average, 22% longer to find a home than cats of other colours.  This is not good news when we consider that black and black-and-white cats made up 45% of the total cats coming into CP care in 2015. We see this disppointing fact playing out in our own branch...

For example, beautiful black and white sisters Sian and Ceri have been ready and waiting for their new home since July this year. They have received very little interest and are living out their kittenhood in a foster pen, which is not a very exciting experience.  They have watched a number of others be adopted before them, being overlooked in favour of bolder and more colourful kittens. If you are interested in adopting one or both of this sweet young pair please call us on 0345 647 2185 and leave your details.


Molly is a very friendly young cat with a lovely personality and beautiful markings. She was found with three fresh new kittens in a pub in Rhyl.  Her kittens have now all been homed and Molly is ready to meet her new family.  She is socialised with young children but we are unsure about dogs.  To adopt this delightful little lady please call 0345 647 2185 and leave your details.  

Tweet #BlackCatDay to raise awareness and dispel the myths surrounding black cats and prove that monochrome moggies make just as good pets (or often even better) than those of other colours. 


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