Friday, 16 October 2015

Black Cats need a Boost

Recent Colwyn Branch foster kitten, Eric
National Black Cat Day 2015 is being held on 27th October to raise awareness of black and black and white cats in rescue organisations looking for new homes.  

According to Cats Protection it takes a monochrome moggy 13 per cent longer on average to find their new home than more colourful cats - that’s one week longer in care!  This is why I have a special love for black cats and is partly the reason why I adopted my own black cat - his more colourful littermates were adopted very quickly, leaving him on his own, and I can vouch that he was just as lovely!

There has always been a lot of superstition surrounding black cats, some people believe them to be associated with witchcraft and bad luck, others believing them to be good luck.  Simply, luck has nothing to do with the fact they all need homes!  Here are 10 fantastic reasons to adopt a black cat...

Black cats are featuring in the media more and more - Tom Cox, author of "Under the Paw" and more titles, has 294,000 followers of his Twitter account @MYSADCAT featuring his 20 year old black cat "The Bear".   His new book "Close Encounters of the Furred Kind" continues the story of his life with his four cats and gives such an endearing insight into his bonds with all of them; black, black and white and tabby alike. 

The wistful "The Bear"
Think you could say I'm a fan?

Simon's Cat, although white in the animated videos, is based on all Simon Tofield's cats but mainly his black cat, Hugh.  Sadly Hugh has recently passed away just this year - here you can read Simon's tribute to him, prompted by the international Black Cat Appreciation Day held on 17th August.  Simon talks in his video about his own cats how Hugh was likely the main inspiration for Simon's Cat due to his character as a kitten  - watch the whole video here.  He still has Ted, a striking black longhaired cat adopted from a rescue centre as a kitten - look out for him in the videos too! 

Simon Tofield's Hugh, inspiration for Simon's Cat

Simon Tofield visited the Cats Protection National Cat Centre in Sussex in 2014 whilst working on his video and book entitled "Off to the Vet".  Nicky Trevorrow, feline behaviour expert, gave great advice about reducing stress and making visiting the vet less of a nightmare for both owner and cat!  Please check out the video here

There are a number of ways to support Black Cat Day online - 

  • Tweet with hashtag #BlackCatDay
  • Join the Thunderclap - click here to dedicate a tweet or Facebook post on 27th October
  • Enjoy some beautiful black cats on the Cats Protection Pinterest Black Cat board and pin your own
  • Enter the Cats Protection Facebook competition to be crowned Black Cat Champion and you could win some amazing prizes for you and your cat.  To enter, simply post a photo of your black or black-and-white rescue cat in the comments below the pinned post on the Cats Protection Facebook page, along with their story
  • Download Black Cat Day social media covers through the main Cats Protection website 
If you are interested in adopting a black, or black and white, cat please see our website for the cats we currently have in care and also those available privately.  They all deserve loving homes so please share our cause and speak up for black cats!

My Taran, adopted from Wrexham Adoption Centre 2012

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