Saturday, 5 December 2015

Two is the Magic Number

When reading the latest Winter edition of "The Cat", the quarterly magazine published by Cats Protection, I was reminded of the great poster encouraging the adoption of pairs of cats.  We have many pairs of cats in care at the moment so I thought I'd take this opportunity to showcase them! 

As the poster states, bonded pairs keep each other entertained and clean, they learn from each other, are often less demanding and are great fun to watch.  This does not often occur when introducing a new cat to an existing cat so save yourself the trouble of introductions as our pairs are already in love!  Many worry about double the work but two are usually as easy as one.  Double the money? True.. but double the love in return!  

Jimmy and Bonnie are two beautiful black and white youngsters with lots of love to give.  They were found in Tal-y-Cafn when they emerged after their mother was sadly killed on the road.  At around 7 weeks old they we were able to take them in and socialise them and now they are much more confident and very lively!  Jimmy and Bonnie would appreciate a home without small children or dogs as they have no experience of either.  

Jimmy (left) and Bonnie (right)

Misty and Bethan are two very sweet sisters looking for a quiet mature home.  At 8 months old they are still growing in confidence with new people and will need a patient and understanding home.  Our branch coordinator Mary has had the long task of socialising these lovely girls and can offer any prospective adopters advice on the best way to settle them in.  

Bethan (left) and Misty (right)

Oreo (male) and Cookie (female) came into our care when their owner needed to move abroad.  They are devoted as brother and sister and must be homed together.  These two have always been solely house cats so would need to live in a safe and quiet area if they were to start venturing into the great outdoors. Oreo is the more outgoing but both are very loving once they get to know you.  

Cookie and Oreo

Rose and Bella are the final two kittens from a large litter rescued from Prestatyn High School.  These pretty girls have been reserved already and unfortunately the adoption did not go ahead but these beautiful cats should not be overlooked again.  At 6 months old they are neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped and have been treated for fleas and worms.  These are the standard treatments for all our cats so for £40 per cat we believe you get a great bargain!  

Rose (left) and Bella (right)

Will and Grace are two special little kittens who will need a safe indoor home to grow up in.  They both only have three fully functioning legs, both having suffered injuries when very young leaving them with feet missing on the same back leg. Originating from a caravan park in the Towyn area these two were rescued by one of our dedicated neutering volunteers who gives a lot of time to trapping and neutering feral and stray cats.  The site manager had found them in a box just inside the park gates! 

The vet who has been treating Will and Grace has recommended her hind leg be amputated as the limb is currently affecting her mobility.  It is logical to do this when she is speyed in a few weeks time.  The operation will cost the branch upwards of £150 and we all would be so grateful for any donations towards this.  Donations can be sent to our treasurer Joan Jones at 23 Bryn Heulog, Old Colwyn, Colwyn Bay, LL29 9NY.  Every little donation really will help this gorgeous playful little lady get back up on her remaining feet.  

Beautiful Grace

Grace's injured hind leg

Handsome Will

You too can support Cats Protection by subscribing to The Cat magazine.  For just £15 per year you will receive quarterly magazines full of news from the charity's branches and centres all over the UK, reader letters and photos, success stories, informative articles on behaviour and veterinary issues and knowledge that you have helped us to help more cats!  Please take a look at the website to find out more.

"Double the love, adopt a pair" poster in the latest edition

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